Welcome to Australia!

Here we can see the amazing flag of Australia!! It has
6 stars and the flag of the UK
Canberra is the capital of Australia. Is a very beautiful place to stay in!!
This is the description of Canberra!
There are 340 800 people who live there.
It doesn´t belong to a state but it is in the Australian Capital territory.
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The Uluru rock is one of the largest rocks in the world.
It's 348 metres of long!! This rock is absolutely sacred
for the aborigen people. This is the most important monument
in Australia!!

Here we can see the amazing Sydney Opera House!!
It's so big, isn't it? It's 65 metres tall.
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In this video, you can see some different animals , the most important, some
people that they are doing a little bit of a silly dance, they should not appear there!
In this video we can see some fishes too, two sports they do there...
See this amazing video and you can learn more!!!!!!

NICOLE KIDMAN is a famous person in Australia, she is an actress

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