Welcome to our wiki. Here we are going to learn many interesting facts about different countries around the world


Task 1

For your first task you have to find your countries flag and post it onto your country page


Task 2

Now you are going to have to find out the capital city of your countries and upload a photo


Task 3

Today you have to write a short description about your capital city. The population and tourist attractions. You can use the page on Great Britain to help you. Good luck with your task!


Task 4
Now you have to find a famous monument in your country and upload a photograph.

Task 5
Now you have to find a short video related to your country (less than 5 minutes please!) Look on you tube there are lots of interesting videos there! Here are some instructions if you are not sure how to insert a video

Today you have to find a famous person who is from your country and upload a photograph of him/herimg-thing.jpg
Task 6

We are going to make a great interactive poster today! Related to typical food from our country. You will have to open an account in www.glogster.com and then we can begin. Don't forget you have an example already made in Britain.